Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday

Arrgh, I hate Mondays! Yes, even though I am currently out of work, I still hate Mondays. Perhaps now it's because it signifies the beginning of the work week - a work week in which I am not participating in at this time. At least the hubby is working though, which is a major positive. Luckily, as his contract ended last week for the winter, another one came fast on the horizon. It's only until the middle of July but there is a chance that it could lead to a permanent position and hey, it's work for right now and we can't complain about that. I have also been offered a new job but unfortunately due to the nature of the position, the whole hiring procedure is a little complicated and time consuming, leaving me with no real idea of when I'll actually be starting.

Though things are starting to look slightly more positive than they did a couple of months ago, we still have one more item in the works that could help make life a whole lot easier for us. I don't want to get my hopes up because I'll be extremely discouraged if it all doesn't work out. Plus, it's simply my nature to think the worst - if there's one thing I've been taught over the years is that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Pessimistic, I know but I have rarely been proved wrong and very little has happened over the last year to show me otherwise. So, I'll just sit here on pins and needles until I get the news.

Quote of the day:
"A pessimist is one who feels bad when he feels good for fear he'll feel worst when he feels better." Unknown

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Quirky Christa said...

Ever hear the saying "I think therefore I am?" maybe the pessimistic thoughts are willing the bad things to happen. Think positive and GOOD things WILL happen, I've seen it :) Cheer up!